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Destin, with its stunning emerald waters and powdery white sand beaches, offers a classic Florida coastal experience. It's a haven for water sports enthusiasts, featuring opportunities for deep-sea fishing and dolphin cruises. Meanwhile, 30A, or Scenic Highway 30A, embodies a more laid-back, picturesque charm, boasting charming beach communities like Seaside and Rosemary Beach, each with distinct character and cultural appeal. It's the perfect place for leisurely bike rides along scenic routes and exploring local art galleries. On the other hand, Caribbean sailing transports you to a world of endless turquoise horizons and island-hopping adventures. Whether you're exploring the vibrant culture of the Virgin Islands or discovering hidden coves in the Grenadines, sailing in the Caribbean offers a unique blend of adventure and relaxation, all while basking in the warm tropical breeze and crystal-clear waters.

Elevate Your Vacation
Choose 30A, Destin or Sail the Caribbean

30A Stay
Private Beachfront
Sleeps 4

Nobody likes a crowded beach. Come to our Private Beachfront Leeward One of Seagrove Beach

Stay Destin
Hot Tub & Pool
Sleeps 2

Silver Shells of Destin is the perfect location for Two. You can explore restaurants, shop, and have fun with everything nearby.

Sail the Caribbean
Crewed Catamaran
Sleeps 8

Fly to St. Thomas and prepare for a fantastic adventure. The Book Now will take you to the Sail Aquanimity Website.

Get to Know Your 30A Vacation Beach Getaway in Seagrove Beach

30A refers to the Florida State Road 30A, a Scenic Highway along the Gulf of Mexico in the Florida Panhandle. It is renowned for its stunning coastal views, pristine white sand beaches, charming beach towns, and a relaxed, upscale atmosphere. Our guests love Seagrove Beach, as we do too, and Leeward 1, off of Eastern Lake Road, is right in the middle of everything 30A, giving our guests the perfect spot to live in everything 30A.

Embrace the 30A Culture & Florida Beach Communities

Imagine crystal-clear emerald waters gently lapping against sugary-soft, pristine white sands as warm sea breezes caress your skin. Add pastel sunsets that paint the sky in hues of wonder.

This is the extraordinary coastline of South Walton, a place where dreams come true. We've been opening our arms to families on the magical shores of the Emerald Coast, creating unforgettable beachfront memories since 2008.

Along 26 miles of the enchanting Scenic Highway 30A, you'll discover 16 unique communities with charm and personality. Beyond the world-class beaches, South Walton offers a treasure trove of mouthwatering local cuisine, charming boutiques, championship golf courses, endless outdoor adventures, scenic bike paths, and so much more.

What are you waiting for? Come to the private 30A of Seagrove Beach...

Seagrove Beach unfolds like a captivating canvas, boasting a picturesque mile-and-a-half stretch of sugar-soft sand gently kissed by turquoise waters. Its charm is further accentuated by the quaint cove it lovingly embraces. A tribute to its heritage, Seagrove Beach derives its name from the enduring emerald groves of windswept magnolia trees and sand pines that continue to grace this coastal haven, casting a timeless and tranquil aura over the surroundings.

rosemary beach enjoying wine and eating dinner 30a

Explore 30A Beach Dining Options

Everyone has their favorite beachy 30A restaurants, but here are a few of ours to get the ideas flowing of "where to dine on 30A?"

beach playing seas the day on 30a

Fun in the Sun with Your Family & Friends

All the kids ask, "What is there to do on 30A?" We have the ultimate guide to Sandy Toes & Fun in the Sun

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Current Events Happening In & Around 30A

We have the current knowledge of the most wanted 30A Events around the Panhandle of Florida.

What Beach Community Suits Your 30A Lifestyle?

Embark on a captivating journey along the scenic road 30A, and you'll encounter a treasure trove of enchanting coastal communities. Each locale paints a unique portrait of Florida's Gulf Coast, from the westernmost embrace of Dune Allen Beach to the easternmost allure of Inlet Beach. Santa Rosa Beach beckons with its laid-back charm, while the artistic spirit of Blue Mountain Beach inspires. Grayton Beach exudes a timeless and bohemian vibe, while WaterColor and Seaside captivate with their New Urbanism charm.

Of all these, we believe Seagrove Beach to be one of the favorites of 30A locals and visitors. Seagrove Beach enchants with its natural beauty, and WaterSound Beach exudes a sense of luxury. As you venture further east, you'll discover the inviting beaches of Seacrest, the contemporary elegance of Alys Beach, and the quaint allure of Rosemary Beach. Finally, Inlet Beach offers a peaceful and picturesque end to this coastal odyssey, completing the mosaic of 30A's captivating communities.

Each beach town encompasses a mix of quaint shops, local restaurants, and beautiful beaches to walk with friends and family. The scenic beauty of 30A provides a backdrop for family-shared adventures. Rent bicycles and coast along the winding paths, venturing from one picturesque beach community to another. Or embark on a kayaking or paddleboarding escapade on the serene coastal dune lakes, a unique and serene experience you both will treasure.

30A Beach Rentals guests and visitors can explore these adorable, quaint, beachy vibe towns, enjoy the coastal scenery, and immerse themselves in the relaxed and inviting atmosphere that is 30A.